Introducing RecruitTrack™ Recruiting  & Staffing Software

A contact management software solution that can be easily adapted to meet your staffing and recruiting needs without costing you a fortune. 

RecruitTrack™ is designed to be customized to fit the size of your company and capture the information that is most important to you. 

Features include resume parsing, Microsoft Outlook integration, advanced data management features, powerful searching capabilities, and a journal linking system designed to build relationships between employers, candidates, job orders, and your schedule.

RecruitTrack™ is equipped with a number of Search features, Skillset features, and Administrative features. We have created a feature rich application that can be customized to meet your company's growing needs.

In order for you to get a better understanding of RecruitTrack™, please view the online demo or request a hands on demo of our software.

Take a walk through all the indispensable time saving features found in RecruitTrack™.

RecruitTrack™ Software Online Demo Presentation